Utility Gear Bags

When you need to travel to your destination and take your riding gear along in a bag.

Travelling with your riding gear to your destination can be a mission. Your helmet, boots and safety gear are very awkward to pack. 

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Your helmet, boots and safety gear are very awkward to pack. Our super large utility bags solve that problem quickly.

Have you seen our soft barrel bags for strapping down on your bike?

Bag Sizes

The information is also available in each bag. But here is a over comparison to make it simpler to decide what suites you best

Tool tail pack 99 ltr300 mm (b) x 200 mm (w) x 150 mm (h)Tools
Small barrel bag 1515 ltr450 mm long x 210 mm diameterBike trips
Medium barrel bag 2525 ltr470 mm long x 260 mm diameterBike trips
Large Barrel bag 3535 ltr540 mm long x 290 mm diameterBike trips
Utility gear bag 7575 ltr680 mm long x 380 mm diameterUtility
Utility gear bag 115115 ltr840 mm long x 420 mm diameterUtility

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