Mountainbike Toe-clip Solid straps

R260.00 per package of four straps

Our reusable mountain bike toe-clip straps are a secure and versatile way to fasten your bags to your bike. Perfect for our tail pack and other items.

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Our mountain bike toe-clip straps are not only great for securing our tail pack to your bike but also offer a secure and versatile way to fasten other items to your bike.
Made from strong textile material with metal clips, they are reusable and offer variable lengths. The toe-clip straps are perfect for adventure motorcycle travel, touring, or general everyday use. Each pack comes with two straps inside, and depending on the size of your bag or load, you may require more than one pack for a full tie-down.
Use them to secure your gear on any part of your bike - handlebars, tail racks, saddlebags, and more. Say goodbye to flapping and unstable luggage, and hello to secure, reliable storage with our mountain bike toe-clip straps.

Additional information

Weight.05 kg
Dimensions20 × .5 × .02 cm

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