Small Barrel Bag (15 liter)

R450.00 per bag

A versatile all-soft barrel bag perfect for short trips, extras, and camping essentials, that fits any bike with a luggage rack or grab handles.


An ideal bag for use either on its own or in conjunction with other luggage. Compact enough to fasten either across the saddle or luggage rack or lengthways on the bike.


The small-sized all-soft barrel bag is best for carrying your extras such as your tent, sleeping bag, and mattress. It is not really large enough for a long trip, but it is perfect for short trips and extras. It is perfect to mount on top of a pannier or on the back of your motorbike.


The benefits of this bag include:

Base price for a fully functional and usable bag
Choosing your material type, colour and webbing colour doesn't influence the price
4 x steel “D” rings for additional tie-down points
Heavy-duty 10mm zip and slider
Looped 25mm webbing straps stitched down the length of the bag to locate tie-down/bungee straps
Webbing locating straps and “D” rings stitched to the top of the bag ensure versatile securing options


The bag is made from Waterproof 550g PVC. It has a water and dust-proof zip with a weather flap secured with Velcro. The weather flap with Velcro closure over the zip ensures that it is water and dust-proof. It is not fully submerged proof. In complete submerging, water may start seeping if left submerged.


The dimensions of the small-sized all-soft barrel bag are 450mm x 210mm (length x barrel diameter), with a volume of 15 litres. It is made of PVC and comes in Grey, black, and orange. The bag has a 10mm zip, Velcro and stitched seams for its zips and closures.


The soft bags are engineered to be fastened on top of a fixed surface. It is designed to handle fastening straps that go over the bags and through the side straps. Thus preventing it from moving forward or sideways. It is recommended to use two RocStraps or mountain bike toe-clip straps to fasten the bag over the top. Be careful in fastening the bag by putting perpendicular strain on any stitches seam as it might tear at the seam.


Items close to the stitched seams might get some wetness in severe storms or high-speed travel in wet conditions. The stitches bags are not submerged-proof. If placed underwater or in constant severe rain, it will have some water intake. Due to the nature of travelling at speed with your travel bags exposed to elements, it is natural and expected to have water and dust forced into small openings and crevices. Do not use barrel bags as side panniers. Do not hang the barrel bags off their side straps as they were not made to treasure hanging weight.

Additional information

Weight.2 kg
Dimensions45 × 21 cm
Bag colour

Orange, Black, Gray