We offer three types of soft bag products!


Soft barrel bags provide a multitude of benefits for adventurers on the go. Unlike hard pannier boxes or stiff frame bags, these soft bags are incredibly functional and easy to use.

With our soft barrel bags, you can take advantage of features such as expandable space by flattening them into each other, making them the perfect solution for those who need additional storage on their travels.


As a serious bike traveler and adventurer, you know the importance of having your tools with you at all times. That’s why we offer an excellent range of tools bags and products designed specifically for working in the field and carrying your tools on your trips.

Our comprehensive selection of products in this range includes everything you need to make sure you have the right tools for any job. From tool bags to tool packages, our products are designed to work together seamlessly.


Packing all your gear and wearables for travel can be a challenge, especially when it comes to bulky items such as boots and helmets. But with our utility gear bag, you’ll have all the space and flexibility you need to carry everything with ease.

Our utility gear bags are designed to be extra-large and flexible, making it easy to pack your helmet, boots, protection gear, and much more. And while these bags aren’t specifically designed for motorbiking, they’re perfect for traditional travel when you need to bring along all your gear. 

Barrel bags

for travel

Utility bags

for your gear

Bags for

your tools

So what's new with our soft bags and range?

Flat underside & 'anti' chafe flap

At GYDA, we understand the challenges that come with using barrel bags for long-distance travel. Rolling and chaffing are common issues that can cause frustration and damage to your gear.

You can say goodbye to rolling and chaffing for good!

Our bags feature a flat underside that's reinforced with our unique 'anti' chafe flap. This flap velcros to the underside of the bag, providing additional protection and preventing damage to your gear. The anti-chafe flap on our new bags provides extra protection and can be easily replaced if it becomes worn or damaged.

Larger top opening with full zip around

We've designed our bags with a larger top opening and a full zip-around, making packing and unpacking a breeze. In the past, our original soft barrel bags had a small top opening that made packing uncomfortable, and separate zips that created a gaping opening at the end.

But with our new design, we've incorporated bigger zips for added sturdiness and an enlarged top opening for more comfortable and convenient packing. With these improvements, our bags are now even easier to use and provide a better overall experience for adventure riders

Fold-over weather flap

We've developed our fold-over weather flap, designed to keep water and dust out of your bag and away from your gear.

While our bags are already splash-proof and made from waterproof PVC, they aren't submerge-proof due to stitching and zips.

However, with our new weather flap, you can keep water ingress from the sides to a minimum. The flap folds around the top part of the bag, providing an extra layer of protection from rain, dust, and other elements. 

Discover Our Purpose-Built Soft Barrel Bags for the Motorbike Industry

At our South African company, we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and selling high-quality soft barrel bags that are purpose-built for adventure riders. With more than 5 years of experience in the bag industry, we’re passionate about creating products that are functional, practical, and built to last.

As avid riders ourselves, we don’t just test our bags – we use them on our own adventures. This allows us to ensure that every product we offer is up to our high standards, and capable of meeting the unique needs of adventure riders.

In addition to our signature soft barrel bags, we also offer a range of tool packs and accessories, designed to provide the ultimate in convenience and functionality on the road. So whether you’re a seasoned adventurer or just getting started, we have everything you need to take your riding experience to the next level.

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