We offer three types of soft bag products!


Soft barrel bags are extremely functional and easy to use. They offer many advantages to using hard pannier boxes or even stiff frames soft bags.

Our soft barrels can be flattened into one another to offer expandable space while travelling, and many more features.


If you are a serious bike traveller and adventurer, you need to take tools with you. Our tools bags and products offer some great options for working in the field and carrying your tools on your trips.

We offer various products in this range and they all work together as a tool package.


Traveling with all your gear and wearables is very tough. Boots and helmets don’t make for easy packing in traditional suitcases. Our utility gear bag is made very large and flexible to carry your helmet, boots, protection gear, and much more. These bags are not for motorbiking but for traveling traditionally with your gear packed.

Barrel bags

for travel

Utility bags

for your gear

Bags for

your tools

So what's new with our soft bags and range?

Flat underside & 'anti' chafe flap

GYDA riders have been riding thousands of kilometers with different bags. Most of which were barrel bags and all of them had the same issue. They roll when fully packed, and chafe through at the bottom.

No more rolling and chaffing!

Our new bags have a flat underside with our 'anti' chafe flap that velcros to the underside of the bag and can be replaced with a new one.

Larger top opening with full zip around

Our original soft barrel bags top opening were too small and made for uncomfortable packing. The old design also used separate zips with a gaping opening at the end.

No more small top opening with gaps!

To solve both those problems we incorporate bigger zips for sturdiness and we also enlarged the opening of the bags for easier and more comfortable packing.

Fold-over weather flap

Our bags are already splash-proof and made from waterproof PVC, but they are not submerge proof due to the stitching and zips. However the more water and dust you can keep out the better.

No more water ingress from the sides!

Our new weather flaps fold around the top part of the bag.

About us

We are a small South African company that designs, manufactures and sells soft barrel bags for the motorbike industry.

We’ve been in the bag industry for more than 5 years and we ride with our own bags. Not just for testing but because they are very purpose-built, functional  and practical.

We now offer a newly designed range of barrel bags, tool packs, and accessories.


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